A network of technology clubs for children and young people who identify as being on the autism spectrum and who enjoy working with computers

Mentoring by technical professionals in
programming, 3D, Digital Design, and Gaming.

What is The Lab?

The Lab is a growing network of technology clubs for children and young people who identify as being on the autism spectrum and who enjoy working with computers. The Lab offers mentoring by technology professionals in areas such as programming, 3D, digital design and gaming. While The Lab is not NDIS registered, many Lab participants use their NDIS plans to pay for Lab sessions.

About Lab sessions

The Lab’s approach is unstructured and does not have expectations of specific education or technology outcomes.

The Lab News
  • This article on the ABC will help you learn more about The Lab on the Gold Coast, their fantastic work and their commitment to opening the door to new skills, friendships and fun.
  • New Lab groups for young people in Perth & Pt Pirie are now registering participants.
    To join one of these group click on the Register button at the top of this page or on the Join a Lab page. Session details will be available soon.
  • A new Lab is set to open in Canberra soon. If you are an individual or an organisation in Canberra and would like to host this venue please contact us at admin@thelab.org.au

    To pre-register as a participant please click the register button at the top of this page and select the Canberra Lab on the participant details page.

The Lab Online

The Lab Online sessions are available Monday to Friday from 4.30pm – 6.30pm. These sessions cover a wide range of game play and tech activities using the Zoom platform.

To register for online sessions please complete the registration form linked from the Join a Lab page and register for The Lab Online. We will contact you to discuss the session day and time that best suits you.

Click this link to read full details of Lab Online sessions:
The Lab Online FAQ 2020
See the video of participants PAX 2020 game projects here.


New online workshop sessions

The Lab is hosting 90-minute Lab Online sessions to help you learn how to create your own game!

Using MagicaVoxel you’ll learn how to create 3D assets which will be incorporated into a game with Godot. These programs are open-source and free so once you learn how to use them, you can build many more games!

A series of 3 sessions will commence on Saturday December 5.
Register now by emailing admin@thelab.org.au

Mentors with technical expertise

By pairing young people who have Autism with tutors who have technical expertise in areas of mutual interest, The Lab seeks to improve the well-being and life prospects of young people who are often highly skilled but whose condition can lead them to fall through gaps in the mainstream education system. The Lab is always on the lookout for enthusiastic and skilled tech mentors.

The Lab resources

Join The Lab to access a great variety of helpful videos and powerpoints for participants, mentors and parents.

Introduction to The Lab