Mentoring at The Lab

Labs are always on the lookout for enthusiastic IT and Game Developers to work
as mentors at The Lab.  While a position might not be immediately available, Labs
are keen to know that you are in their area and interested to be involved.

Please read the Position Description and complete the Application Form linked below.
You can also contact us at and include your current CV.


The Lab Mentor - Position Description

IT support and mentoring to young people with High Functioning Autism.

Reporting to

The Lab Supervisor at your Lab.

Objective of this Position

To provide The Lab participants with access to IT skills which may be of interest to them or provide increased skill in areas of interest. Additionally mentors will form a connection with participants and encourage self confidence and social skills.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate sessions
  • Engage the participants using technology and their own interests
  • Fix any hardware and software issues that may come up
  • Encourage the participants to connect with other members of the group
  • Teach, when requested, various programs, games technical skills etc

Essential requirements of the position

  • Mentors have high-level of knowledge of computer programming or other digital media development skills.
  • Mentors are not teachers and not necessarily teacher trained.
  • Mentors must have social and cultural capital with the participants (they need to not just be good at tech, they need to love tech and work in tech).
  • Mentors must have an intuitive understanding of individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Mentors must be capable of developing strong and purposeful mentoring relationships with participants.
  • Mentors must be capable of supporting self-directed learning and individual project-based programs that are led and driven by the participants.
  • Mentors must have experience with several or all of the following technologies;
    • Minecraft
    • Steam
    • 3d Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Video Making
    • Music Making
    • Gamemaker
    • Unity3d
    • Programming
    • Web Design

Desirable Qualities

  • Empathy & understanding of children with Asperger’s and HFA.
  • Experience dealing with someone with a disability.
  • Ability to look at the strengths of the person rather than just see the disability.

Desirable Qualifications may include

  • Tertiary qualification in IT
  • Current employment in IT related field
  • Experience in gaming


At the Lab, we are committed to ensuring the safety of children attending Lab sessions. All successful mentors will be holders of a satisfactory police check, and a Working With Children Check or Blue Card, as relevant to their State or Territory.